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GK Quiz on Indian parliament

In all competitive examinations, it has been observed that every time questions based on Indian Parliament are asked, in this article a questionnaire of 10 questions is being given on 'Indian Parliament'. We have also answered questions for the convenience of students.

GK Quiz on Indian Polity: Indian parliament
Indian parliament

1. By what name is the Federal Administration of India known?

2. Indian Parliament consists of ---

3. How many organs is the Indian Parliament?

4. The lower house and the upper house of Parliament are respectively -

5. Who is Liable to Dissolve the Parliament?

6. Presides the joint session of both houses of Parliament?

7. Who addresses the joint sitting of Parliament?

8. Who calls a joint sitting of the two houses of Parliament to remove the deadlock related to the Ordinary Bill?

9. How many Sessions of Parliament are there?

10. What angle does the salary of MPs decide?