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Basic Internet Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Basic Internet Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Basic  Internet questions and answers are always very important for various competitive examinations conducted in India. So to fulfill the requirement of the candidates of various competitive exams like UPSC, BPSC, SSC, RAIRWAY Bank Exam etc., we have published Basic Internet Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams.

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Basic Internet Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

1. Which agency is really an online project?

Ans  Advanced Research Project Agency

2. Who was the founding father of the Internet?

Ans  Team Burner Lee

3. In which year was the net established?

Ans 1969

4. What is a web system?

Ans Interconnected Network System

5. What is an online service called?

Ans Host

6. The IP address is made up of a unit of 4 numbers, between which numbers?

Ans  0 to 255

7. Internet is standard protocol

Ans: Internet Protocol / Transmission Control Protocol

8. What is a very inexpensive layer within the TCP / IP model?

Ans  Network Access Layers

10. A user receives a file using the net from another medium

Ans Files Transfer Protocol

11. Which protocol is employed for browsing websites?


12. What is the meaning of IP?

Ans Internet Protocol

13. What is the meaning of HTTP?

Ans Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

14. What is the meaning employed to connect to the Internet?

Ans Internet Service Provider

15. What is the method of computer transfer through the Internet?

 Ans  Download 

16. Less internet service connecting small computers is called?

Ans Subdomain

17. What is the method of joining two different network protocols together?

Ans Gateway

18. What is the use of Internet service?

Ans Packet Switching

19. What is Wi-Fi Wizard?

Ans WiFi

20. A selected website that identifies a place on the net

Ans web address

21. What is the full style of HTML?

Ans Hyper Text Naming

22. What is Electronic mail?

Ans Spam

23. What is the primary page of an Internet site called?

Ans Momepage

24. What is the method of shopping through the Internet?

Ans E-Commerce

25. What is a reference to LAN?

Ans Local Area Network

26. What is the meaning of MAN?

Ans  Metropolitan Area Network

27. What is WAPT to WAN?

Ans Wide Area Network

28. The device connecting LAN and WAN is

Ans  Router

29. A network that connects a surrounding area larger than a LAN, but smaller than a WAN?


30. Linguistic codes are accustomed documents on the Globe Wide Web



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