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Basic computer quiz questions with answers || Computer Quiz

Basic computer quiz questions with answers

Basic computer quiz questions with answers: Computer awareness is becoming most important  part of competitive exams. It tests basic concept of  basic knowledge of computer  . Keeping considering this, we have included some most regularly inquired questions on Computer Fundamentals in Quiz  .  this online practice tests / quiz and you will have a thought what sort of inquiries are normal under computer  general knowledge section. 

Basic computer quiz questions with answers

Computer MCQ Question with Answer

In this blog  you will find a important questions with answers  on basic computer skills  knowledge quiz  in MCQ with answer for competitive exams. All inquiries are chosen in a way with the goal that it turns out to be straightforward the subject. You will discover these generally posed understood inquiries (with answer) truly supportive. . Presently we have added sets of basic computer knowledge questions  for you to practice. Basic computer quiz questions with answers  for Banking exams , IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI exams of  Computer Awareness  for Competitive Exams. 

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Important Computer Quiz  on basic computer knowledge with answers.

Q1 Which of the following computers is called Pitamah

Q2 Who contributes most of the development of computers

Q3 Who contributed most to the development of blue print of the first digital computer

Q4 When was the first modern computer discovered?

Q5. The physical structure of computer is called

Q6 The program used in the operation of a computer and other written material related to computer functions is called-

Q7 The controller part of the computer is called

Q8 Which hardware device is commonly called the brain of a computer

Q9 is the most important part of computer

Lenovo India [CPS] IN

Q10: Computer hardware which can store huge amount of data is called-

Q11. Who has developed integrated circuit chip

Q12. I C. But who has a layer

Q13. What is the material layer on the magnetic disk

Q14. What is the length of a word in a computer?

Q15. Measure in MB

Q16. The capacity of the storage medium is unit

Q17. 1024 bytes is equal

Q18. What is a bug in a program

Q19. What does the word memory refer to

Q20. P. C. means -


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