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common general knowledge questions and answers

common general knowledge questions and answers : Here are the selective and  current gk  questions and  answers of common general awareness questions for competitive exams. These general knowledge quiz questions and answers have been asked in  exams and there are chances to ask again in other competitive exams.    

common general knowledge questions and answers

Practice with general knowledge questions with answers for better results in exams. Try to solve Common General Knowledge Questions with Answers for Exams yourself. 

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common general knowledge questions and answers

Q1. What is the total number of seats in Bihar Legislative Assembly?

... Correct Answer B.

Q2. How long is the term of the Legislative Assembly generally?


... Correct Answer c.
3 years

Q3. How many times a session of the Vidhan Sabha is required to be convened at least in a year?

... Correct Answer B.

Q4. Who elects the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly?

... Correct Answer C.
Members of Legislative Assembly

Q5. Which one of the following is the highest peak of Aravali?

... Correct Answer C.

Q6. The oldest mountain range in India is-

... Correct Answer A.

Q7. Who is the author of 'Prithviraj Vijay'?

... Correct Answer C

Q8. Is chemical material often used for artificial rain or cloud seed?

... Correct Answer D.
All of the above

Q9. Gas used to artificially cook green fruits?

... Correct Answer A.

Q10. Which of the following depressants reduces ozone?

... Correct Answer C.
Methyl bromite

Q11. Which gas absorbs ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere?

... Correct Answer A.

Q12. What is the main source of nitrogenous fertilizer production?

... Correct Answer C.

Q13. Is Nitrogenous fertilizer widely used?

... Correct Answer B.

Q14. Radioactivity is the abolition / fragmentation of

... Correct Answer A.
Nuclear / nucleus

Q15. Which of the following is used as a separator in nuclear reactors?

... Correct Answer D.