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100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

Here, I provide the Latest Most Important 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers for those students who are preparing for competitive exams. In this post, I have updated the answers to the most important questions from around the world with the latest current affairs questions and answers on many topics covered.

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

I have put together this blog to increase your GK level and increase your confidence level for competitive exams.

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

Q1. How many states are in the coast line in India?





Q2. Which of the following states has the longest coastline in India?

A). Maharashtra

B). Gujarat

C). Kerala

D). West Bengal

Q3. Which of the following Indian states does not pass through the Tropic of Cancer?

A). Uttar Pradesh

B). Madhya Pradesh

C). Gujarat

D). Jharkhand

Q4. Which latitude line passes through the middle of India?

A). Tropic of Cancer

B). Capricorn Line

C). Equator

D). Arctic Line

Q5. How many states of Tropic of Cancer passes through India?





Q6 is the nature of sound waves

A). Transverse

B). Longitudinal 

C). Backward

D). Electromagnetic

Q.7 Who is used in cleaning the internal parts of aircraft

A). Ultrasonic wave 

B). Oxalic Acid

C). absorbent

D). Carbon dioxide

Q.8 The velocity of sound in air is approximately

A).232 m / s

B).220 m / s

C).110 m / s

D).332 m / s 9

Q.9 Relation is given in the velocity of wave (v) frequency and wavelength (λ) -

A).v = nλ 

B).v = n / λ

C).v = n-λ

D).v = n + λ

Q.10 Sound waves move at the fastest speed

A). Gas

B). in liquid

C). In solids

D). None of these 

Q11. Under which article does the President nominate two members of the Anglo-Indian community in the Lok Sabha?

A). Article 330

B). Article 331 

C). Article 333

D). Article 335

Q12. Who has the power to nominate two members of the Anglo-Indian community in the Lok Sabha?

A). Minorities Commission

B). President of India

C). Prime Minister

D). Vice President of India

Q13. On what basis are seats allotted to states in the Lok Sabha?

A). Population

B). Area

C). Poverty

D). Language

Q14. The allocation of seats for each state in the current Lok Sabha is based on -

A).1951 Census

B).1961 census

C).1971 Census

D).1991 census

Q15. In which of the following E. Suns was the first time the demarcation of the constituencies of the Lok Sabha?





Q16. The allocation of state wise seats in the Lok Sabha is based on the 1971 census. For what year will this assessment remain unchanged?

A).2031 A.D.

B).2026 A.D.

C).2021 A.D.

D).2011 A.D.

Q17. Which of the following are all the constituencies of Lok Sabha?

A). Single Member Constituency

B). Multi-member constituency

C). Both of the above

D). None of these

Q18. A Lok Sabha constituency represents at least how much population?

A).5 Lakh

B).7.5 lakh

C).10 Lakh

D).15 Lakh

Q19. How many safe constituencies have been arranged in the Lok Sabha for the representatives of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes?

A). 131

B). 152

C). 176

D). 194

Q20. When was the first general election for Lok Sabha held?

A). 1947

B). 1948

C). 1952

D). 1956

Q21. When the glass rod is rubbed with silk, the rod-

A). Becomes negative

B). Becomes positively charged.

C). Stays indifferent

D). Is charged first and then positively

Q22. The full charge of a charged conductor is its-

A). Stays on the internal page

B). External page

C). Some internal and some external remains on the page

D). All is true

Q23. Relates to the force applied between two electric charges

A). Ampere's law

B). Kulom's rule

C). Faraday's law

D). Ohm's law

Q24. If the distance between two electric charges is reduced to half, then the value of electric force between them will be

A). Half

B). double

C). Fourfold

D). One fourth

Q25. Is in the same charge

A). Attraction

B). Adhesion

C). Distraction

D). Fusion

Q26. In 1526, Babur defeated the ruler of which dynasty and laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire?

A). Syed Dynasty

B). Lodi Dynasty

C). Tughlaq Dynasty

D). Khilji Dynasty

Q27. When did the first battle of Panipat happen?

A). 21 April, 1529

B).21 April, 1526

C).15 April, 1528

D). 20 April 1527

Q28. In which war Babur first used the famous 'Tulugama Niti'?

A). In the Battle of Khanwa

B). In the Battle of Ghaghra

C). In the First Battle of Panipat

D). None of these

Q29. After winning in which war, Babur opened the treasury to the rich, relatives etc. and was given the title of 'Kalandar' for this generosity?

A). First Battle of Panipat (1526)

B). Battle of Khanwa (1527)

C). Battle of Chanderi (1528)

D). Battle of Ghaghra (1529)

Q30. Grand trunk road was built in India

A). Ashok

B). Sher Shah Suri

C). Akbar

D). Humayun

Q31. Which was built by Akbar in memory of Gujarat Vijay?

A). Bada Imambara

B). elevated door

C). Jama Masjid

D). Siddi Bashir

Q32. 'Ain e-Akbari' was a great historical work written by which of the following?

A). Abul Fazl

B). Amir Khusro

C). Feroz Shah

D). Abdul Rashid

Q33. The second battle of Panipat (April 5, 1556) took place between which of the following?

A). Akbar and Hemu

B). Rajput and Mughal

C). Babur and Ibrahim Lodi

D). Alexander and Adil Shah

Q34. The new religion named 'Din e Ilahi' was started by

A). Humayun

B). Jahangir

C). Akbar

D). Shah Jahan

Q35. The famous Muslim ruler Chand Bibi, who entrusted Berar to Akbar, belonged to which of the following states?

A). Bijapur

B). Golconda

C). Ahmednagar

D). Berar

Q36. How many articles and schedules are there in the Constitution, which was finally passed by the Constituent Assembly?

A).378 Article, 7 schedules

B).390 Article, 7 Schedules

C).395 Article, 8 Schedules

D).398 Article, 8 Schedules

Q37. At present, how many articles and schedules are there in the Indian Constitution in terms of calculation?

A).390 Article, 5 Schedules

B).395 Article, 12 Schedules

C).395 Article, 10 Schedules

D).448 Article, 12 Schedules

Q38. At present the total number of sections in the Indian Constitution is -




D). None of these

Q38. In which article of the Constitution is it written that India means 'India will be a Union of States'?

A). Article-1

B). Article-2

C). Article-3

D). Article-4

Q40. What has India been called in Article-1 of the Constitution?

A). Confederation

B). Federation

C). Confederacy with strong unitary basis

D). Union of States

Q41. Where is Loktak Lake?

A). Manipur 4

B). Tripura

C). Meghalaya

D). Assam

Q42. Where is Govind Sagar Lake located?

A). Punjab

B). Himachal Pradesh

C). Uttar Pradesh

D). Assam

Q43. Which of the following is the largest lagoon in India?

A). Chilka Lagoon

B). Bomb Nath Lagoon

C). Choleru Lagoon 

D). Pulicat Lagoon

Q44. Where is Kolleru Lake?

A). Uttar Pradesh

B). Madhya Pradesh

C). Andhra Pradesh 4

D). Maharashtra

Q45. Where is lake Pulicat Located?

A). TamilNadu 

B). Madhya Pradesh

C). Kerala

D). Uttar Pradesh

Q46. Pulicat is a-?

A). Khari Lake

B). Dry lake

C). Lagoon 4

D). Crater Lake

Q47. Which is the largest freshwater natural lake in India?

A). Wular lake

B). Cho Lamu Lake

C). Lonar Lake

D). Dal Lake

Q48. Is Asia's Largest Freshwater Artificial Lake?

A). Udaipur, Dhebar Lake

B). Himayat Sagar, Hyderabad

C). Kalveli, Tamil Nadu

D). Pulicat, Tamil Nadu

Q49 - Which are the largest salt water coastal lakes in India?

A). Chilka Lake

B). Thole Lake

C). Kodaikanal Lake

D). Sambhar Lake

Q50: -Wular lake is in which state of India?

A). Jammu Kashmir

B). Himachal Pradesh

C). Uttarakhand

D). Andhra Pradesh



1. C) 2. B) 3. A) 4. A) 5. D)
6.B). 7. A). 8. D). 9. A). 10. C).
11. B). 12. B). 13. A). 14. C). 15. A).
16. B). 17. A). 18.B). 19. A). 20. C).
21. B). 22. B). 23. B). 24. C). 25. C).
26. B). 27. B). 28. C). 29. A). 30. B).
31. B). 32. A). 33. A). 34. C). 35. C).
36. C). 37. D). 38. B). 39. A). 40. D).
41. A). 42. B). 43. C). 44. C). 45. A).
46. C). 47. A). 48. A). 49. A). 50. A).


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