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General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams

General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams

Here is the selective and important 
General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams . This question has been asked in competitive exams and there are possibilities to ask it again in competitive exams. So these questions are for your practice.

General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams 

1. Which gas is found most in the atmosphere


2. What is the permanent element of the atmosphere

- water vapour

3. The Earth's atmosphere is heated by

- By Radiation

4. Which inert gas is highest in the atmosphere

- Argon

5. Which gases are responsible for greenhouse effect

- Carbon dioxide (CO2)

6. Which gases protect us from scorching sun's strong rays

- Ozone

7. By absorption of reflected infrared radiation from the ground surface - what is the action of increasing temperature in the ground atmosphere?

- Green House Effect

8. What is the amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere

- 78%

9. What is the average height above the surface of the troposphere?

- 14 km

10. Which circle is also called convection

- Troposphere

11. Lens capacity is measured in

- Diopter

12. The formation of bright colors in thin foam of soap is the result of which decomposition?

- Multiple transformations and deviations

13. Which mirror is used for rear view in vehicles?

- convex mirror

14. Does the sun appear red when setting?

- Due to scattering

15. Mrigrishna is an example of

- of full internal reflection

16. Why does a diamond appear shiny?

- Collective internal reflection

17. What is the reason for becoming mirage?

- Full internal reflection

18. Is the color of light determined?

- By wavelength

19. Why is the color of sea water blue?

- Scattering of downward light by water molecules

20. How many colors are there in the rays of the sun?

- Seven

21. Why did CV Raman get the Nobel Prize?

- For the study of scattering of light

22. When did CV Raman get the Nobel Prize?

- year 1930

23. Are the sites of Indus civilization located in Afghanistan?

- Mundigak, Surtagoi

24. From which Harappan site has a bronze statue of a woman with dancing posture been obtained?

- From Mohenjodaro

25. From which Harappan site 'stone statue of priest has been obtained?

- Harappan

26. From which Indus-era site have traces of a dog's claw chasing a cat on a brick?

- Choose

27. On a jar from which Harappan site is depicted a fish-pressed bird in a beak and a fox standing under a tree, which is an analogy to the story of the 'fox of Panchatantra'?

- Lothal

28. Which province has discovered the largest number of Harappan sites in post-independence India?

- Gujarat

29. Which of the following crops was not produced by the Harappan people?

- Pulses

30. Which of the following Indus sites was not located on the beach?

- Kotdiji

31. Which Union Minister launched a book on best practices of human elephant conflict management in India?

- Prakash Javadekar

32. Which Union Territory celebrated the 59th anniversary of De Juar Day on August 16?

- Puducherry

33. Who is the author of the book Amazing Ayodhya?

- Nina Rai

34. When is the Senior Civil Day celebrated annually by the United Nations?

- 21 August

35. Which version of Hiroshima was celebrated on 6 August 2020?

- 75th

36. When was the sixth edition of National Handloom Day celebrated?

- 7 August

37. Which country has recently registered Sputnik Kovid-19 vaccine?

- Russia

38. Recently Watchman Chadwick passed away He was famous?

- Actor

39. Railway is divided into how many zones

- 17 Zone

40. Where is the Rail Wheel Factory located?

- Yalahaka (Bengaluru)

41. P.R.S. What is full form

- Passenger Reservation System

42. Which is the longest rail route in India?

- Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari

43. When was the Indian Railway Board established?

- March 1905

44. Which is the highest railway station of Indian Railways?

- Similiguda

45. Integral Coach Factory Cf Where is it located

- Chennai

46. I.R.S. What is full form

- Indian Railway Standard

47. Where did India's first Metro train run

- Kolkata

48. ​​Who was the last ruler of Nanda Dynasty?

- Ghananand

49. What is the periodicity of Geostationary Satellite?

- 24

50. Who is the author of the book 'Wealth of Nations'?

- Adam Smith

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