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How to become expert java programmer

Java is a very popular and successful programming language. It is very reliable and widely used in our day to day, it is seen prominently in web or mobile applications. There is a lot of demand for Java these days and Java programmers are being recruited mainly in the information technology sector. For more details on why you should learn Java.

how to become expert java programmer

To be a good Java programmer you must focus on certain things mentioned here:

1. Get Your Basics Clear 

Find a good source of knowledge, be it a tutor or online videos or study material, and strengthen your basics. Understanding the basics is a must to further develop your programming skills. Instead of raiding something you don't get, seek help and get the logic behind it. Take your time, you don't aim to achieve everything at once, take it easy at first and then gradually you will gain speed. You should learn:

  • Java 8
  • Spring Framework
  • Unit Testing
  • Apls and Libraries
  • JVM'S  Internals
  • DevOps Tools
  • Kotlin
  • Degin pettern
  • Microservices
  • Learn Your IDE Better

2. Practice Coding :

Implement what you are learning. Practice programming online or offline, it will boost your confidence. Be regular, set goals, and try to complete them on time. The depth of knowledge is obtained only when you practically realize what you have understood. Join the Java programming practice and contest, such as: codechef, spoj, and projecteuler.

3. Group Discussions and Read Books

Make a group, have discussions. Join hubs on the Internet. Group discussions help you get different points of view on the topic. You can get the pros and cons of things and you can also answer your doubts during discussions. Also, read standard books and notes.

4.  Read Documentation And Open Source Frameworks Source Code 

Stay up-to-date on the latest Java technologies by joining some good forums and subscribing to the newsletters. Never stop reading. Keep reading about it from somewhere or the other and try to spread your knowledge to others. It will also help you maintain your interest in the field. Get in the habit of reading a lot of documentation. It can be specifications, JSR, API documents, tutorials, etc. Reading documents helps you build that essential foundation based on where you program best.

5. Subscribe to Forums 

When you start working on a new technology, the best and first thing to do is subscribe to the technology forums. Whatever problem you are facing, someone else may have faced it before and you can find the solution. Follow good blogs and also help others by sharing your opinions about them. Join social Java programming platforms such as: StackOverflow, dream code forum, Java forums and coderanch forum, etc.

6. Undertake projects

A good way to improve your coding skills and become a good programmer is to work as a freelancer. It means you find projects online, work from home, and get paid online too.

7. Dedicate yourself

The last and most important step that you will need the most is dedication. You will only be a good Java programmer if you really dedicate yourself to it. Don't have a casual approach, but focus and keep your focus on it.


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