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What is Computer? Types of Computer

What is Computer ?

A computer is a type of machine that manages different types of programs to perform useful tasks for users. The computer gives an adequate response to users through the set of instructions arranged in the proper order. It has storage capacity along with running benefits. Computers can perform complex and simple operations. Based on the types of actions, computers design in various formats with hardware and software specifications. The computer contains cables, transistors, circuits, hardware parts, etc. Computer designs with software and hardware. Software is a process of preparing programs through instructions and data. General computers manufactured with the following types of hardware components.

  1. CPU
  2. Memory
  3.  Input  Devices
  4.  Output  Devices

What is Computer? Types of Computer


The Central Processing Unit maintains three types of activities to store the data and process the data with various types of operations. The PU is an important part of the computer that tells the computer to do what task at any time.


Memory is a part that stores data, programs, etc. It is classified into several types that can work for special purposes.

Input Devices:

Devices that are useful for providing input data to the computer that will be processed to provide output from other devices.

Output Device:

Input devices feed computers. After processing the input data, the appropriate output will be released to users from the output devices.

Computer Types:

  • Personal Computer
  • Mini Computer
  • Main Frame Computer
  •  Super Computer
  • Workstation

Personal Computer:

Maintains the above list of hardware and software components. It can be defined as a little one who goes up to limited pounds. It appeared in the year of 1970 that works with small chips of CPU, RAM and memory. It is useful for word processing, accounting, desktop, database management applications, etc. Many home users use this software to easily play and learn anything from the Internet.

The personal computer maintains several types of computers, such as the following.
  • Notebook
  • Laptop
  • Subnotebook
  • Handheld
  • Plamtop
  • PDA

Mini Computer:

It is a mid-size computer useful in workstations that can cover 200 users simultaneously.

Supercomputer and Mainframe:

The supercomputer is the best fastest computer in the world that is very expensive. It works based on mathematical calculations, so everything works fine with a simple procedure. Supercomputers deals with scientific simulations, animated graphics, electrical design, performs dynamic calculations, etc.


Design SDLC engineering applications and various types of applications with moderate power and graphics technologies. It generally maintains a high level of storage along with a large RAM. The workstation only works with UNIX and Linux operating systems. It has several types of storage media that support diskless and disk drive workstations.

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