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Easy and Important GK Questions for Competitive Exam

Easy and Important GK Questions for Competitive Exam

Here is the selective and Easy and Important GK Questions for Competitive Exam . This question has been asked in competitive exams and there are possibilities to ask it again in competitive exams. So these questions are for your practice. 

Easy and Important GK Questions for Competitive Exam

1. What is in the water is called heavy

[A] Heavy isotopic of hydrogen

[B] Heavy isotopic of oxygen

[C] Molecule number of hydrogen atom

[D] Molecule number of oxygen atom

2. Used in hair bleaching

[A] Sulfuric acid

[B] Oxalic acid

[C] Hydrogen peroxide

[D] Heavy water

3. Used to revive the colors of old oil paintings

[A] Sulfuric acid

[B] Oxalic acid

[C] Hydrogen peroxide

[D] Heavy water

4. Is an essential basic element of all bio-compounds

[A] Nitrogen

[B] Oxygen

[C] Carbon

[D] Sulfur

5. Carbon atoms contain

[A] 6e, 6p and 12n

[B] 6e, 6p and 6n

[C] 6e, 12p and 6n

[D] 12e, 6p and 6n

6. Which of the following elements is most commonly formed with hydrogen?

[A] Oxygen

[B] Nitrogen

[C] carbon

[D] Silicon

7. When a solid body is immersed in water, its weight decreases.

[A] Equal to the weight of displaced water

[B] less than displaced water load

[C] Excess of water displaced

[D] Not related to the weight of water displaced

8. Ice floats in water but sinks in alcohol because

[A] Water is transparent than alcohol

[B] Ice is formed by freezing of water

[C] Ice is solid while liquid is

[D] Ice is lighter than water and heavier than alcohol

9. Steel bullet floats in mercury because

[A] No object can sink in the mercury

[B] The density of mercury is higher than steel

[C] The density of steel is higher than mercury

[D] Bullet cannot swim

10. If an iron ball is dropped into a bucket filled with mercury or mercury,

[A] It will sit in the wall of the wall

[B] It will float on the surface of mercury

[C] It will dissolve

[D] None of the above

11. Which of the following is not a major IT company in India?

[A] CMC Ltd.

[B] Raymonds

[C] HCL Technologies

[D] Infosys

12. Which of the following is an example of India Joint Sector Enterprise?

[A] Maruti Udyog Limited

[B] Indian Oil Corporation

[C] Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd.

[D] Bharat Aluminum Ltd.

13. What is meant by a multinational company?

[A] Such a person has gone to many countries

[B] A company that operates in many countries

[C] Person who has citizenship of many countries

[D] Organization established to assist developing countries

14. Where is the maximum number of sugar factories?

[A] Uttar Pradesh

[B] Bihar

[C] Tamil Nadu

[D] Assam

15. At which place did Swami Vivekananda become famous from the religious conference?

[A] London

[B] Paris

[C] Chicago

[D] Berlin

16. Raja Rammohun Roy made his mark in Indian history for his extraordinary work, his main work was in this direction?

[A] Elevation of religion

[B] Social reform

[C] Education

[D] Introduction to English

17. Who founded the Aligarh Muslim University?

[A] Syed Ahmed Khan

[B] Muhammad Iqbal

[C] Muhammad Ali

[D] None of these

18. Kanyakumari's Rock Memorial is dedicated to whom?

[A] Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

[B] Raja Rammohan Roy

[C] Swami Vivekananda

[D] Dayanand Saraswati

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